Round 5 & My Trip to Miami

Round 5 was full of ups and downs. I got sick again this time and I wasn’t expecting that! I had a lot of nausea and vomiting which lead to dehydration, so I had to go back in for IVs. After I got fluids, steroids, and anti nausea IVs I felt so much better. I also experienced a bit more fatigue this time around— I had to pause walking up a flight of stairs, barely made it through a spin class, and felt exhausted at the end of a long photoshoot. As usual, most of my side-effects happened between day 5 and day 10. I can still count on week 3 to feel “normal” and I planned accordingly.

Xavier & I took a trip to Miami and it was wonderful. My doctors told me not to go anywhere out of the country but I really wanted to be on the beach, so Miami was the perfect destination. We biked on the beach, went to lots of great restaurants, wandered art galleries, and spent a lot of time soaking up the sun by the pool. Having trips planned towards the end of my last 3 rounds has been really good for me. It has given me something to look forward to on the bad days. Up next: Marfa and White Sands.

I only have one round of chemo left! Part of me feels relieved that chemo is almost over, but part of me dreads the upcoming double mastectomy and the pathology report to follow. I’m thinking of taking a little social media hiatus to clear my mind before the surgery. We’ll see, but either way I have a few more posts coming here.

hilary schleier