Round 6 - My Last Round!

Wow… It has been an insane couple of days! The night before my last chemo my sister asked if I wanted to go to happy hour at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I was in a bad mood and wasn’t sure I was feeling up to it but Xavier pushed me to go, insisting that it would make me feel better to see my sister and nephew. We walked into the restaurant and straight to a back room full of a huge group of my friends who all yelled out “surprise!” as I walked through the door. I was completely shocked and overwhelmed! Their support brought me to tears. I can’t even put into words how deeply loved they made me feel. I will never forget the joy and encouragement I felt in that moment. It made my last round of chemo feel like something to be celebrated rather than dreaded.

That joy carried over into the next day. It felt so good to finish my LAST round! My sweet friend Lori dropped by my oncology appointment to drop off some “Hilary’s last chemo” cookies and gave me the sweetest pep talk. Afterwards I headed to my infusion room where my girlfriends had delivered another gift bag for me to open along with a sweet video they put together to cheer me on.

At the end of my infusion I got to ring the corny I’m-done-with-chemo bell and that felt so good. I had to wear my cold cap for 3 more hours but taking off that final cap was the best feeling! I think I cried happy tears at least 10 times that day.

So far side effects have been mild this round! Next up is my double mastectomy. I hate surgery/anesthesia so I’m pretty nervous but I’m also ready to put all of this behind me!

hilary schleier