After my diagnosis I searched the internet high and low for advice, encouragement, and humor. Here’s what helped me:

Nalie started blogging and vlogging in 2013 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 24. Her blog is informative and encouraging and you can get lost in her videos for hours!




If you’re into memes this Instagram account is absolutely hilarious. It brings a little humor to a dark topic and has been a great source of laughter for me since I started treatment.

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Laura Birdwell

My sister told me about Laura Birdwell’s blog one evening and I read every single post that night. She blogged every step of her treatment process and her attitude is so joyful and positive. Her treatment ended up being different than mine but reading her blog gave me some peace while I was waiting to see what mine would look like.

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The Road Les Traveled

Lesley Murphy did not have breast cancer but she tested BRCA positive and took her health into her own hands by electing to have a double mastectomy. Now she calls herself a “previvor” and has a great group of posts about the ins and outs of double mastectomies.

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Monika’s Instagram account is full of information on her treatment for triple negative breast cancer. Her posts about cold-capping and reconstruction surgery are especially helpful!

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Young Women with Breast Cancer

Young Women with Breast Cancer is a closed Facebook group full of women who were diagnosed with breast cancer in their 20’s and 30’s. The spectrum of women is really great— Some have been in remission for years and some were diagnosed in the last few days. It is a great place for questions and answers.

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